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The strongest security methods and Australia's first bank under the hood.

We are listed in ShopSafe, the Australian online shopping directory.

Credit Card Security

All staff at Price Perfumes are trained in our credit card security policies, and these are strictly enforced.

  • Price Perfumes banks with the Commonwealth Bank, one of Australia's largest banks.
  • Credit card authorisations use the same system as all retailers use throughout Australia - the EFTPOS network - a secure, standard and reliable system.
  • When you order online, your credit card number is taken in a secure session using 128bit SSL security. This is the strongest security available to the public today, and encrypts your card details before they are sent through to the bank.
  • Encrypting means your card numbers are changed into jumble text which only the bank will understand. Humans will not be able to read it. This process of encryption will not be visible to you when you process your sale - it is all automatic!
  • When you order online, the secure server talks to the bank (two computers talking to each other), and humans are not involved. This removes all possibility of human credit card fraud.
  • However, if you are not satisfied, please feel free to phone us or fax us.
  • If you order via post, phone or fax, all Price Perfumes staff will treat your credit card number as private and only use it for the purposes of processing your order.
  • All records of credit card numbers are shredded, and no credit card number is ever stored in a paper or digital format on any PC or in any file of any of our offices.
  • We attend to any issue raised by any of our customers immediately, and notify the appropriate authorities, and work with the customer to assist where we can

System Security

  • All Price Perfumes staff are bound by our Confidentiality Agreement, Employee Conditions and Security Policy, which requires them to ensure the offices, warehouses and computer systems are maintained to the high standards of security
  • All information is locked, secured, password protected and backups are in locked media files and locations
  • Information cannot be obtained if it was stolen.


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